Rabu, 13 Julai 2011

little things that make me think.

1) Not everyone will accept what you say and its okay
2) Don’t let anyone bring you down no matter what they say
3) No one can judge you except God, so  just ignore what people say about you because they don’t know you.
4) Stand up for what you know its right, even if it means standing alone, at least you have done your part even if others may oppose you
5) Sometimes its best to walk away from a ‘war’ you know that its pointless to keep on fighting about. Choose peace of mind over some stupid fb war, focus on what you are supposed to do than argue endlessly.
6) Friends who know how to differentiate between politic & friendship are for keeps - thank them.
7) You know you are in the right track when God keeps on showing you the right way to what you are doing. Thank you God for opening the doors :)
8) Be careful with doing da’wah, it may be a test for your Imaan, always remember that its Allah who will choose whoever He wants to become a muslim - not us. As long as you have done your part, so don’t blame yourself if it didn’t work out because perhaps its because Allah didn’t choose them. (an advice from a dear friend of mine)
9) Self note: Be prepared with your knowledge on Islam, you’ll never know when Allah will bring you to someone who probably want to know about Islam and you are the one who will have to help the person to Islam - be patience, and don’t get too excited to show everything about Islam, let them discover Islam bit by bit so that it comes from their own discovery - its their journey, not you. You are just a company.
10) Be strong,be steadfast in what you do. Whenever its hard, seek Allah,ask Allah, and God willing He will show you the way and make it easy for you.
I bear witness that there is no God except Allah & Muhammad the Messenger of Allah. For the past few week, I went through a lot that there is not a single thing that happened in my life that I cannot not thank Allah. I wish I can tell it here but I think its best for me to keep it for myself since it was revealed only to me. Maybe when its the right time, I will tell you the story that Allah is writing for me at this very moment.
O Allah, you are indeed the best planner! Alhamdulillah (thank you Allah)

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