Isnin, 29 April 2013


If you lose to the syaitan now when the battle is easy, what will happen at the moment when it gets tough. If u lose the battle when syaitan gives u his half attention what will happen to u when he gives his complete attention. which is at the moment of DEATH.

Dua: we seek refugee from you from the fitnah of life and death

by imam anuar al-awlaki title death

Ahad, 21 April 2013

There are just some people that Allah wanted them to go into Jannah whether they like it or not.
By hardships.

Everything happen every single second in your life already been arrange by Allah in the most beautiful way.
More prettier than how you wanted it to be.

So believe in Him.

Sometimes heart just break.

Even by the tiniest reason.

but know one thing that this life is not worth it to cry for.


Sabtu, 13 April 2013

Sometimes I really hope that I can smile like this fella here even when I'm surrounded with mad scientists. Yeah, I found him/her at the biotechnology research center nottingham malaysia. ceh, nama cam gah jer.
After some things happen this week I really need to increase my patience. I always remind myself that the moment humans does not thank you for the things that u did for them, that could be the sign from Allah that you too didn't thank Him.

It hurts.
But after I read the syahadatul Haq by al-maududi; he says that Allah will not accept your tiny little excuse of just hurt feelings as a reason to stop telling islam to the others.
That hurts just more.