Ahad, 20 Jun 2010

precious him..

I looked at him one more time. Its so hard to look away. Every time I looked a him, there will be some kind of feelings in my heart. I was not sure what to call it. Love?

I sighed. I know he never noticed I always looked at him. It was a good thing. I would be embarrassed till death if he knew I was sneaking him. I focused my mind on my biology book. It was hard to concentrate but I tried.

"Osmosis is the movement of water molecule from hypertonic solution to hypotonic solution"

I read the statement out loud trying to focused.

He looked at me. I noticed that. I stop reading. I looked at him too.

He was smiling. I smiled back. My heart was jumping actively. I couldn't control it. It was involuntary action.

I knew today was an important day for him. Many of my friends already wished the magic words. I haven't wished him yet. I too was shy to talk to him. Anyway, I already bought him a cake. I hope he would love it. I don't know what was his favorite. I bought chocolate cake. It was my favorite. I was waiting for the right moment to surprise him. I took a deep breath.

Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim, i whispered.

He was tired. I could see it from his face. He is tall, his skin is dark,he has thick black hair and my favorite part is the way he stand showed so much confident in him. It took me a couple of minutes to gain the courage to talk to him. This was not the first time, but I don't know why it was so hard for me to just talk to him.

I walk to him. It felt like ages. It felt like this was the longest walk I had ever did.
My heart pumped furiously, my eyes seemed blurred, and I could feel my hands shivering.

I can't believe I was already standing in front of him. I froze. I can't remembered my script.
He waited patiently in front of me. Although I knew he had so much work to be finished. Owh.. I love him. Yes! I admitted now. He is like no other. No other man could ever replace him.

"Happy Fathers' day"

At last, I spilted the words out.

He smiled, like a sunshine shone this whole wide world.

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