Rabu, 16 Jun 2010

a postman droped love letter infront of my house

It was a beautiful morning. The birds chirped happily in the sky. The sky was dotted with white puff clouds hanging in the air. The sun had shown itself but still the air is cool. I was smiling and praying it will be a wonderful day, that day.

I wasn't wrong. A man stop by my house. He saw me, smiling alone like some kind of insane girl.
I don't blame him. He just doesn't see it yet. I looked at him, his blue and white uniform is not properly ironed. He was not smiling at all. His face was rough and seemed very tired. I was sure he is young,maybe a couple of years older from me.

I saw the package he was holding. He horned. Furiously. Impatiently. Wanting the packaged to be taken from his hand. There was still no smile in his face. I frowned. That was very rude.

I walked slowly toward him. I wanted him to learn about manners. He was still horning. I threw away my smile. There was no beautiful morning anymore. As I was standing infront of the gate, face to face with the man, I asked,

"Having a bad day, huh??!"

He was shocked with my question. Maybe with my action. I don't know.

Standing so near with him, I realized he was not bad at all. I mean, he is kinda handsome.

My heart beating fast. I swear he could hear it.

It was an awkward situation. He looked at me. I looked at him.

There was no movement. I could feel something in my heart. I just knew it.

I knew he is the wright guy.

Suddenly,he was smiling. His rough face was gone, all I could interpret was I was in love.
My cheeks burned. My heart pumped like a machine. My mind started to race. I could not think properly. I quickly took the package in his hand. More likely I snatched the package.

"This is ridiculous!"

I told myself.

"He is not the man! He is just postman!"

I reminded myself. My hands got sweaty.

He didn't react. Maybe because I didn't look at him, so I did't know what his face react with my action.

I walked away from him. I didn't know. Maybe I ran away from him. I didn't remember.
It doesn't matter. The letter is all matter. Right?


I heard his crystal clear voice for the first time.

I stopped. I looked at him. I just can't help myself staring him with feelings.

"I have to sign something?"

I asked as I walked back toward him.

"No, you don't have too"

He looked uncomfortable.

"Good!" I replied. Smiling. Faked smile.

"You don't have too, but your neighbour must"

I frowned. The sudden gust of wind made me shiver.

The man smiled again but this time sympathetically.

"I know that, I took it on behalf of my neighbour"

He saw that I was ashamed. He just nodded.

He rode his bike away. I looked at him as he slowly faded from my view.

I sighed. So much of the beautiful day.

p/s: it has been too long i haven't write an essay..

i had no idea.. neway thanks too some people who helped me..

with my spelling.

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  1. besh!! cover malu ek kate amik on behalf of your neighbour? hahaha.. bagusla bleh wat novel ni!