Jumaat, 20 Januari 2012

I survived the first sem!

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah who make everything easy for me =)

My first sem of few months were awesome. So many things happen and I didn’t regret any of it. I know I did some stupid things but I’m learning from it.

First time duk luar dari campus, which is 15 minutes of walking. Which is not very far or hard to walk to the campus. Only when it is very hot in the afternoon or in the night would be a bit scary to walk alone from the university bus stop. I quit jogging every evening,because I can’t find time to do it. But I keep on attending netball practices. Seriously, my evening was pack with activities. Classes, mandarin classes, netball practices, usrah etc

Now I have two usrahs =) with the older sisters and with the younger one. Very fascinating..
Things I found hard to do in the first sem was studying and finishing assignment early. I am not a ‘last minute’ person. But somehow in this sem I kinda learn to be one. Seriously it was hard because I always feel exhausted and because of that I always postponed the work. And I always find it was hard to concentrate and understand in class like I did in foundation. I involve in too much work that I’m not capable to manage. But one thing that I believe is Allah will make it easy as long as I’m doing my work in Islam and I didn’t waste my time for something unnecessary  (ok maybe I did waste some of my time).  I mean, Bile lagi kita nak belajar semua benda ni? Bile lagi kita nak involve dalam sumer kerja nie? Time kerja? After kerja? After kahwin? Time2 tu sume, kita ade bnyk lagi benda lain nak buat.


So many things teach me for these past few months. I have wonderful housemates. Wonderful usrahmates. I can’t be more thankful for everything that Allah has given to me. =(
A gift from Allah that I’m still breathing here. And what matters now is what is coming in the future.
May I always be a servant who is thankful to her Lord, remembers her Lord, and repent her sins always to her Lord. May all of us be that..
p/s: teringin nak belajar berenang and bahasa arab =(  
court netball luar

court netball indoor

court basketball samura (?)

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