Khamis, 11 Ogos 2011

course ape yang kau amek tu?

people always ask me

"ape kebendanya plant biotech tu?"

or make faces like its the most stupid course in the world

that is why I prefer saying biotech alone without plant.

they are two different courses

plant biotech and biotech

plant biotech is more to plant, tissue culture and so on

biotech is more general like DNA,genes and stuff

"apesal kau amek course pelik semacam tu?"

first of all, it is not that alien. if u ask people who took biotech they will know what exactly u are talking about.

its actually quite new course in malaysia

but its one of the government plans to extend the technology in agriculture and crops.

Food are importand for us. Right? do u know where foods come from?

from animals and plants. correct!

that is why this course is important. To find a way to increase the production of foods from plants as well as the make the side effect minimum for people to consume.

at least that is what I know.

more info here

p/s: insyaAllah ade mase akan ku ceritakan lebih lanjut tentang course ini

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