Selasa, 1 Julai 2014

i force myself to write something

ever since I finished my last exam I wanted to wrote something here. Too many things.
Too many needed to be spilled out.
But I kept procrastinate. and here I am a month and one week extra after my last paper.
Alhamdulillah, I pass my degree with Honor. No words to explain. None of it was me. It was all from Allah. I did not want to take any credit from it, because I thought I was going to be screwed.

Next, all of us (kahfian) move out from kahfi (our house name) and move into a new kahfi. my parents freak out knowing that I wanted to start a business. Alhamdulillah, that was the story of a few weeks ago. Now, they seem to be soften by my determination. however they give me one year. If my business is not okay they force me to find some job to do. (insya Allah one year is enough to prove it)

I still remember the following day after my exam I was sitting in the computer room in the engineering building and I was looking at the sky.

It was ocean blue and beautiful. Suddenly I nearly burst into tears. Because at that time I was thinking

"what am I still doing here?"

I wanted to see the sky from other places. Probably could be the same thing I'm seeing from here but the feeling is different. I wanted to travel. I wanted to be all over places in the world. I wanted to be free. I wanted more time to do what I wanted.

Well, probably one day. Probably in Jannah. But I still put those dreams in my 101 wishlist to do.

*well this was just random thoughts. I know that this path (dakwah n tarbiyyah) is shaping me to be free from being selfish and think what is more muntij to do right now.

*nantikan post seterusnya.......

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