Ahad, 18 Ogos 2013

value time

this past several days I stayed at home with my sister.

most of the time I surf the internet and try to finish a book about Rasulullah s.a.w.

while surfing, I found this instangram of an actor. a handsome one. and several actors and actresses. I realize one thing that they live their live to the fullest.

Well, I don't really know , but based on the pictures I saw I can tell that they rarely let a minute slip away without having fun. When I say having fun, probably we as muslims cannot take that as example. but our time of having fun is when we remember Allah.

I realize that most of the time we wasted to much on tv, movie, computer and fb.
It is not even real. something we can't hold on to.

We always ignore real things that happen around us to focus on something that we can't reach.

2 things I wanted to do is that get a way from these gadgets or at least don't spend the whole day facing them and get a good book to read. when i said books a no,no for story books, I mean a inspirational one or history of islam or any books that can add on my knowledge not to my delusional world.

I feel something is just wrong when a non-muslim can appreciate time more that we do.

p/s: istighfar a lot , avoid sins a much as possible and a lot of dua to yourself and your family in islam.

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