Isnin, 19 Ogos 2013

I borrow a good book

The art of influence by Chris Widener

this is actually quite a good book. I share with u some of its content

"influence is a gift that a person give it to u. they let u influence them. they make that decision not u. the only decision u make is what kind of person u will be. It is totally about your personal transformation into a great leader"

and some more, i read tafsir fil zilal this morning just wanna share

"AQ menyeru manusia kepada kemuncak y gemilang dan mulia y membuatkan manusia dewasa kerana dapat menundukkan keangkuhan dan jiwa mereka terbang bebas krn tunduk kpd Allah dgn istighfar"

sayyid qutub: surah an-nasr

*told u about the reading books thing now its a reality and I'm happy

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