Sabtu, 31 Ogos 2013

North selangor peatswamp forest again?

if a person would ask me what is the weirdest course in nottingham, i would say environmental science.

would you believe that when there is  no boat to cross the river (when we were doing field work), my lecturer currently I'm working with suggested to kayak all the way to collect our samples. and when I say all the way; it is 2 km far!

another problem is that I don't know how to swim. and Lisa (Final year student I'm helping) trying to comfort me by saying "it is okay because they provide life saving jacket"

so the agency that is helping us provide 2 canoe. 1 with two sits which is more stable and another one with only one sit and it is hard to stabilise. So stephie (the lecturer I'm helping) took the one sit canoe and as soon as she was in it, the canoe flip under the water.

At that time I was so starled and I shouted most of the time not giving Lisa a chance to help Stephie so that my canoe won't flip over like hers. So, Stephie changes place with Lisa.

It was just fine canoeing and taking all the samples in 3 different places along the river until at this one moment we wanted to headed back to the river bank to wait for the agency to come back and pick up the canoes; Stephie fell into the river while trying to get into the canoe and almost pull me together with her because I was already on the canoe. I don't know how to describe the feelings. I was shocked, suprised,  petrified all at the same time until what I felt was just nothing.
Probably because my heart skip a beat that makes my brain unfunctional. Luckily, Lisa hold the canoe and Stephie was holding another canoe that make her float on the water and she said "Laila my feet is stuck on your bag"

That minute I realised the canoe doesn't flip over and I'm safe. Alhamdulillah....

I know my face was all white because of the panic. Slowly I release her feet from my bag.

When I say weirdest course up there, Stephie suggested to us to go into the forest afterward to take another sample. I looked at the time it is already 4 something. I was calculating the time because that night I have usrah. If we go to the forest I don't think I can make it in time.

So I said " I have important things to do tonight"

Stephie said " What is it?"

I replied "My stuff"

Stephie nodded. But she was thinking.

And at last she decided to still go to the forest and stated that I will make it in time for my stuff.
So we headed to the forest by car, and arrive at the forest at 6 something. and we walked into the forest like almost an hour and get out from there when it was already dark. It was quite an experience for me because we went there without ranger guide. and there was a moment that Stephie said there was something ahead of us walking 3 times on the walking path. She was scared too. All I was thinking at that time was a tiger. Its a forest, anything could be.

But then, like I calculated I didn't make it to go to usrah. because I arrived at semenyih at 12 something.

I feel guilty because I kept thinking the words of one of the kakak at daurah. she said "If we claim that we work for the sake of Dakwah, why we can't leave the work when Dakwah needed us?"

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