Khamis, 27 Disember 2012

a day at Kuala Lumpur

This has been my third involvement in volunteering activity and guess where did we went?


Hospital Kuala Lumpur

I don't know what to expect. I've been wondering and asking what we will do and what we will get, what Allah has prepare for us.

We went by shuttle bus of nottingham at 8.05 a.m

alhamdulillah, we didn't missed it.

we also enjoyed nasi goreg made by k.aha that eventually was my lunch too.

It has been quiet long I didn't use the bus services and take trains since I have a car and that is not good.

In the train we saw this one blind lady travel alone using public transport. It was unbelievable! when I reflect my ownself I feel ashame. I have two eyes and everything a human need and if I choose to stay at home doing nothing and watching tv with my family or studying so hard that I barely go out of my room while so many people out there don't even have food for dinner.

When we arrive at the hospital, we got to know new people who loves doing volunteering jobs. We even met 2 mothers volunteering and very friendly.

The first ward was a women ward.

I approach this old woman because she was the nearest patience to me. But the moment I sit beside this old lady all camera man came and took pictures like crazy. Hello you guys forgot that u need to ask for permission b4 taking any picture?
It was really an awkward moment.
When all the camera man went away finally I got the chance to have a little chat with her. I'm not used to talk to old folks. I don't even know what to chat. But I do know that old woman wanted someone to talk to. She is lonely, her husband just past away and she is ill (batu karang di hati). She even shed her tears while telling us that. She touches my heart deeply. I was imagining my mother what if I left her alone like that?
 Other patience are telling us the whole story of her life, about her children borrowing from ahlong, none of her children even care about her. Her adopted son is the only one who take care of her.

This makes me think a lot. I mean, for all this while we have been thinking about our own lives and our family. If we try to go outside of our own circle of friends. Try to look into the society, try to live with them. If only we know what are they going through in life we will never wasted a single minute. Because we know that there are a lot people out there struggling just to be alive everyday when we are struggling with books. They search for money with their sweat when the scholar bank in the money to us, they shed tears because this life is too difficult while we complain where to eat.

I have seen a lot today, how a disable person sing to get money, how a blind person selling calender, how one beggar beg money just to eat lunch but people seem not to care. It hurts to see such scene when we can do nothing about it. I've been thinking what would Omar al-khattab do in this situation? He who is really afraid that he would be held for accountability if an ant starving. Look how huge his taqwa is. Omar would never let this happen to us if he is still today.

Sadly he is not here. But we are.

and other sad story is that cristian and budhist always come visit the hospital in weekly basis volunteering. Where are the muslims?
come on guys, enough thinking about yourself and your own study and your own family. Go out there and get involve!
The society needs us more than we think. If all of our time that we wasted could be used for this beneficial work, we will never have problems in mat rempit, zina, dadah.
Go out there and do it for Allah. And wait what Allah has kept to teach and show you, the tarbiyah in it.

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  1. Kesimpulan yang boleh kita ambil ialah hargailah kedua ibu bapa dan keluarga kita selagi mereka masih ada.. :)