Ahad, 30 September 2012

problem with people?

when you have problems in relation to people
it is always because you have relationship problem with Allah


your outstanding good relationship with people
does not reflect that you have a good relationship with Allah.

I realized a lot, that most of the time in life it is my eman that make decision.
When my eman is in a high state mostly it can make good decision
but my eman is not in a good condition, I did a lot of rubbish things.

and eman has relationship with the closeness of you with Allah.

When you are angry, you can stop your anger by the remembrance of Allah . When you remember Allah a lot you are close to Him. And the best remembrance of Allah is when you pray.  

p/s:  dalam proses nak kejar balik mutabaah amal yg dah tunggang terbalik.

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