Isnin, 22 Mac 2010

Do u know me well enough?

very sensetive (only some people knew)

cold blooded (sometimes)

kene pakse amek medik course

love freedom

always in dilemma

I'm a coward person

tak suke kne cabar

always jeles dgn org lain

I'm loyal in friendship

I can cry easily

I'm hypocrite

panas baran

pemalas n rajin

I use my left brain to think but I'm creative

I can be selfish

I may stab your back

I dun believe couple b4 nikah

I love to read

I love to see people play at the field

suke kan tumpuan

really u guys want me to proceed this rubbish thing?


1 ulasan:

  1. 'may stab ur back'?!
    but u wont du tat 2 me kn?

    anyway... changed my link