Rabu, 12 Jun 2013

Day 1 internship

aku bangun kol 4.50 pagi, bertolak dari rumah kol 5.30 pg. stop kat masjid bukit sentosa solat subuh. kol 6 pagi baru keluar menuju ke rawang dan straight pergi semenyih.

on the way, it was jam and a long one before entering KL. I was sleepy but I need to be awake to prevent from accident. I was listening to ikim f.m and maher zain's song tittle freedom was aired. I was looking ahead the long line of hundreds if not thousands of cars. I realized that palestinian and syrian people does not face this, they are already free. They are free form being slave to the world by being the slave of Allah alone. We malaysian need to pray a lot to be free. Be free from the grip of dunya from our heart.  I read bayyinat blog yesterday and it did influence me a lot. The song give me a hint that as if the palestinian and syrian people are begging everyone to set them free or begging to God to set them free. but the reality, they are the most free humans on earth. They don't need to think much about tomorrow as they might syahid. but we need to think so many things to keep being alive.

I arrived at nottingham at 7.30 am and get to know new people. We discussed things and need to be straight away go shopping to prepare the material for the project. We go around the whole semenyih and only be back by 3 p.m. It was fun and I need to speak english a lot with them because one of their friend is singaporian and don't know how to speak malay and going from shop to shop that mostly the tauke is chinese did polish my rusty mandarin language. I understand a bit they say about the price and if the thing we ask is present or not in the shop.

It was tiring but yet I yearn to know what's next to come.

Now I understand why people are so excited for intern, because you are practicing the theory you learn.    

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