Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

this one hug

my family is not a loving2..dovey2 family..

by that I meant that we don't usually says "I love u" or cry or openly says what we think in front of each other.

But today I do realize that it is important to sometimes says "I love you", to appreciate some simple things your family do or to hug them without a reason.

And I felt a bit emotional today just because my brother hug me tightly three times. It was awkward. because we never did it unless if we are force to do it. But today when I was about to go back to semenyih he followed me outside and shake my hand and hug me.
and I said.
" did u do this because mama is watching us?"
He just smiled and said
and when I looked at the door, mama was not there. He was right, he didn't do it because mama force him too.

then when I already arrived at campus I message mama and said that
" mama, tadi ajim peluk mimi. terkezut mimi"
and my mother replied
" iyalah mama pun..dia pelut erat2..sedih mama sampai keluar air mata"

Boy..my brother did change.
I already saw 2 people who is younger than me and are much more better than me.


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