Isnin, 20 September 2010

pengisian hati gurindam jiwa

Trials and tribulations,
pain and sorrow,
is something that make me human.
Thats why when all of that come,
i'll not ever prolong my sadness.
Becaus i'm happy that Allah remind me very softly, directly,
that i'm human.
and for addition,
a mere human. [hilal asyraf]

"Like swans you grace the waters deep
and awaken joy from hearts asleep
fear not the rough feathers
you worn in your younger days
torn they may be
faded they may be
colours can change
tears can heal
ducklings in time
into swans will become
and glide through life with serenity." [azizah aling]

Adat hidup di dunia
Banyaklah hal perlu dijaga
Menjaga iman dengan ibadah
Menjaga tuah dengan maruah
Menjaga laku dengan kerenah
Menjaga aib jangan terdedah
Menjaga malu jangan tersimbah
Menjaga lidah jangan tersalah
Menjaga langkah jangan menyalah
Menjaga duduk jangan bertelingkah
Menjaga tegak jangan rebah
Menjaga kasih jangan berubah. [azizah aling]

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