Isnin, 12 April 2010

why do you choose biotechnology?

      After finishing my SPM, it took me a long time to figure out what am I gonna become.Its not easy because its about my future career.My father once said " just be what you wanna be as long as you are useful to others"
Rasulullah SAW also said that " the best man is the man who is useful to others"

      So I pray and lingering around the internet to search and try to figure out what is the best thing for me. When I scroll down the courses in the online form.I saw medic course,Why I don't take medic? Because I don't have the passion in saving people.Then I saw engineering, Why not engineering? I'm not interested at all in building structure or planing a dam for electricity. Then I saw  biotechnology and I said to my self. Why not? I'm a science student, I can work in a lab if that is the work area. So I started to search about the course. When I asked my friends, majority of them took medic and engineering, only 2 people took biotechnology.I want to take something different and challenging not just following the trend.

     Biotechnology is a large field area of study.Its about food and drinks,enzyme, genetics, enviroment, forest, biomedical, microbiology and so many more. If a doctor can save a life, if an engineer can build a machine than I can do it both in biotechnology. Everyone of us is the user of biotechnology product. In our food, in the ketchup, in our medicine, the drugs. Do you realize that? Biotechnology has made our life a better place to live.

    In Malaysia this course is still new but biotechnologist from other country such as India and Autralia really interested in our country because the commitment given by the government and the people are very welcoming.
This course has grew larger since 10 years ago and will produce 5% jobs to Malaysian in 10 years coming which is in about 28,000 jobs. As far as I know,  biotechnology is the life of the future. So why not I take this course?


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  1. yeah!!aku doakan kejayaan ko laila.dunia dan akhirat.:)

  2. ohh i see,,
    so gud luck then.
    i'll pray the best to u!

  3. skrg dah blajar smpai mne?

  4. sekarang sedang buat degree di university nottingham malaysia dalam course plant biotech. alhamdulillah.